wolphilink interfaceAfter an overwhelming response of the article in QST 5/2012 and a lot of requests for the Android interface I decided to build some interfaces and cables.

With the current cables the interface will work with Ham Radio transceivers like the FT-817, FT857, FT-897 and IC703 and now also with an IC-706. Wolphi-Link will work with DroidPSK, DroidRTTY and DroidSSTV for RX and TX and Morse Decoder, HF Weather Fax and DroidNavtex for RX only.

Go to the WolphiLink order page or look at the WolphiLink manual.
Attention: We will not able to ship any interfaces and cables between 2/11/2015 and 2/21/2015.

What’s new

DroidRTTY updated to Version 2.0


Now with new layout
adjustable squelch
a new"clipboard"
& more

Learn more about DroidRTTY

DroidPSK updated to Version 3


Now with PSK63
Improved sensitivity
Faster locking & more

Learn more about DroidPSK

Morse Trainer for Android V2.0

Morse Trainer

Now with Farnsworth speed and Koch method

Learn more about Morse Trainer

HF Weather Fax for Android

After weeks of programming I finished a new Android App – HF Weather Fax.
HF Weather Fax for Android decodes weather fax 120/576 charts and satellite images through the microphone of your Android phone or tablet.
Learn more about HF Weather Fax

HF Weather Fax

DroidNavtex now in Play Store

DroidNavtex is able to decode NAVTEX messages from your receiver through the phones/tablets microphone or through a connected interface.
Special audio filters even decode very weak signals through the microphone and make DroidNavtex a very affordable alternative to high priced decoders. Learn more about DroidNavtex