Plug & Play Interface for Android Smartphone or tablet to Yaesu FT817, FT857 and FT897 as well as IC-703 and IC-706 radio’s

Wolphi-Link is an Android Smartphone to Ham Radio interface similar to the interface shown in the QST 5/2012 article. Wolphi-Link works with DroidSSTV, DroidPSK, DroidRTTY and Morse Decoder. It will work with radio’s which don’t have a VOX. “Audio in” and “Audio out” levels are adjustable. The interface connects with a 4 pin 3.5mm (both ends) to the Android Device and with a 6 pin Mini DIN (both ends) to the FT817, FT857 or FT897. The interface should work with other radios as well but the cable needs to be customized. For customized cables please contact us at .

Important: The interface uses the voltage of the microphone pin of the phone. The voltage on the microphone pin is ussually used to supply an electred microphone in headsets with a voltage. The voltage varies from phone to phone. We measured voltages between 1.8V – 2.7V on various phones but it might be possible that certain phones have a lower voltages. If the voltage is lower than 1.4V this interface will not work but so far we are not aware of any phones or tablets which have a voltage lower than 1.8V.

Wolphi-Link will not work on first generation Nexus 7 tablet (2012 version). The Nexus 7 2nd generation (2013 version) works fine.

WolphiLink might not work properly if you transmit on VHF or UHF while having your antenna to close to your phone/tablet and WolphiLink. The PTT might get triggered by RF and would not release.

Wolphi-Link interface

Wolphi-Link interface. Assembled in enclosure. The dimensions are only 50mm x 35mm x 20mm. Wolphi-Link uses a 6 pin mini DIN jack to connect a cable to a radio and a 4 pin 3.5mm jack to connect Wolphi-Link to the Android Device. Please download the owners manual here


(interface only no cables included)


Cable with 4 pin 3.5mm plugs on both ends

This cable is used to connect your Android Smartphone or tablet to the Wolphi-Link interface. The cable has two 3.5mm 4 pin plugs and is 3 feet long.





Cable with 6 pin Mini DIN plugs on both ends
(for FT-817, FT-857, FT-897 and others)

This cable is used to connect the Wolphi-Link interface to your Yaesu FT-817, FT-857 or FT-897. The cable has two 6 pin mini DIN plugs. The cable can have a customized length of 1 foot or 3 feet.



Cable with 6 pin Mini DIN plug on one end and 13 pin DIN on the other end
(for IC-706 / IC7000 /IC-7100 etc)

This cable is used to connect Wolphi-Link to your Icom radio. The cable has a 6 pin mini DIN plug (connect to interface) and a 13 pin DIN (connect to Icom radio) on the other end. The cable can have a customized length 1 foot or 3 feet.


Cable with 6 pin Mini DIN plugs on one end and
3.5mm plug on the other end (for receive only). Perfect for HF Weather Fax and DroidNavtex decoding.

This cable can be used to connect the Wolphi-Link interface to a receiver for
decoding. The cable has a 6 pin mini DIN plug (connect to interface) on one end
and a 3.5mm plug on the other end. The cable has a length 3 feet.



6 pin mini DIN plug

This connector can be used to build your own cable.




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a new"clipboard"
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Morse Trainer for Android V2.0

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HF Weather Fax for Android

After weeks of programming I finished a new Android App – HF Weather Fax.
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DroidNavtex now in Play Store

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